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Baby Yoga – 4 week course

For babies aged 16 weeks- crawling

A blissful, small and friendly class that will leave you and your baby feeling energised and deeply relaxed!

Baby Yoga is a series of very simple movements, stretching and breathing exercises based on Hatha, Ashtanga and Pranayana yoga for both you and your baby to enjoy.

The benefits of baby yoga for your little one;

  • Strengthens and improves muscle tone
  • Helps baby feel calmer and sleep better
  • Boosts your baby's immune system
  • Regulates and strengthens baby's digestive system
  • Helps your baby move from reflex to voluntary movements
  • Encourages general growth and development
  • Helps your baby to develop body awareness

The benefits of baby yoga for you;

  • Increases your confidence and competence in handlingyour baby
  • Can help to heal after difficult or traumatic birth
  • Develops a feeling of closeness with your baby
  • Improves communication and understanding with your baby
  • Relaxing and fun special time
  • Learn deeper relaxation techniques, (helps you to cope with the stresses of parenthood!)
  • Increases your strength and suppleness

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