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Blessingway Ceremony

Holistic Mama Holistic Baba blessing ceremony

A  Blessingway is a wonderful alternative to a baby shower. Also known as a birth blessing or mother blessing is a Navajo tradition of celebrating a woman’s transition into motherhood. 

The Blessingway recognises and honours the journey of pregnancy and the transition of birth as a momentous occasion in a woman’s life.

The ceremony involves women coming together to share wisdom, inspiration and offers of support to the expectant mother. Guests are asked to share stories to encourage the expectant mother – to bless her with inspiration and to remind her that she is a powerful woman with the natural ability to birth her baby. It is about instilling in her faith, love and strength as well as sending loving and welcoming messages to the unborn baby.

One of the HMHB team will guide you through your Blessingway ceremony in the comfort of your own home or in a venue of your choice. Please contact admin@holisticmamaholisticbaba.com for more information.

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