Holistic Mama Holistic Baba

Holistic Mama Holistic Baba is a fresh new
approach on giving advice, support and education
to expectant parents, families and children.

Nutrition & Weaning

At HMHB we believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Babies and children require a healthy balanced diet for optimum growth and development and to reduce the likelihood of them developing obesity or diabetes. We have developed services to help support parents with all aspects of healthy eating from practical workshops to one-to-one home support with specific feeding and eating issues.

Weaning Workshop
Our one off 2 hour workshop will discuss weaning methods, the timing of weaning and what kinds of food you can wean your baby on. There will be a practical cookery demonstration and tasting session to get you and your little one started in the right direction.

One-to-One Home Visit
Fussy eating among children is a common cause for concern by a parent. We can provide practical and creative solutions to address any issues you may have regarding your child’s diet. Our experienced Independent Health Visitors and Nursery Nurses will visit you at home and provide a bespoke plan that best meets your needs.

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