Holistic Mama Holistic Baba

Holistic Mama Holistic Baba is a fresh new
approach on giving advice, support and education
to expectant parents, families and children.

Our Philosophy

Our unique range of holistic services, are aimed at supporting, educating and advising families from the moment of conception. We offer a full range of creative, innovative and evidenced based services from antenatal classes, parenting coaching, sleep consultancy, breastfeeding advice, baby and toddler classes, weaning and nutrition advice and alternative therapies to a unique home visiting service led by an experienced and qualified Independent Health Visitor.

At the core of Holistic Mama Holistic Baba is the understanding that parents make informed choices based on evidence. Our approach to birthing or parenting is to encourage parents to believe in their own natural ability and instinct. At Holistic Mama Holistic Baba we strongly believe that parents are the experts and our services are designed to maximise this belief and to support and encourage any decisions parents make. Every family is welcome at Holistic Mama Holistic Baba, and while many families may choose all of our services some will simply cherry pick what they think works best for them.

Holistic Mama Holistic Baba facilitates classes, workshops, clinics, postnatal doula's and an Independent Health Visitor service to families across the South East. Plans are underway to extend Holistic Mama Holistic Baba service provision to South West London and eventually to all major cities in the UK.

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