Holistic Mama Holistic Baba

Holistic Mama Holistic Baba is a fresh new
approach on giving advice, support and education
to expectant parents, families and children.


It’s true that to learn to drive you have to take a theory test, practice for months and then pass a practical test before you’re allowed in a car by yourself. Becoming a parent has no such exam or preparation! We as parents have to navigate this whole new world of parenting as best as we can. People often say that we don’t have an instruction manual as parents but our children are our instructors, it’s just up to us to work out what they are telling us!

At HMHB we have developed a range of services to support and offer advice on all aspects of parenting and how parents can learn what their child needs and wants from the signals they are giving.  We also offer advice and guidance on parenting strategies that are both effective and take into account a child’s emotional needs.

'Happy children, happy parenting' class
This 4 week evening course is designed for all parents and covers key issues on; raising a child’s self esteem, parenting strategies that meet your child’s emotional needs, how to cope with disruptive behaviour and family dynamics & sibling rivalry. We will also focus on your own transition to parenthood and how you feel about being a parent. These are interactive and informal sessions and you will be encouraged to ask lots of questions.

We have 2 different Happy Children Happy Parent classes to address different stages of your child’s development;
Happy Children Happy Parent – Toddler & Pre-School
Happy Children Happy Parent – The older Child

'Parent power' workshops
We offer a series of workshops for parents. They range from Potty Training, First Aid, and Weaning to an Immunisation Seminar and How to Cope with Bullying. Our workshops are always changing and adapting to suit the needs of each community and they often feature expert guest speakers. Please contact admin@holisticmamaholisticbaba.com  to find out what’s happening in your area.

'The art of being a parent' course
A 4 week creative course using art as a way of exploring issues surrounding parenting, how we feel about being a parent, our own parents and our children. A truly relaxing and reflective session designed for every parent. No art experience needed! All art materials are supplied.

One-to-one home visiting service
One of our parenting experts can see you at home to discuss any concerns that you might have around any aspect of parenting. We can support you and offer bespoke parenting strategies that best suit you and your family.


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