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Rhythm Kids

Yoga Based Movements, Music & Rhyme
4 Week Class – Designed for babies & children 8 Months to 18 Months

Rhythm Kids has been developed to promote a child’s development and enhance learning. This 4 week class will lead you and your baby through specific movements to encourage physical and mental development. You’ll also be given lots of play ideas to try at home!

Why is Rhythm Kids so beneficial for a child’s development?

  • The more a child has the opportunity to move, the more control they will gain, contributing greatly to the necessary development of motor skills.
  • Allowing a child to be active and move freely can help to oxygenate the body, which in turn helps to nourish the developing brain.
  • Singing, listening to music and repeating rhymes with children can have a profound impact upon a child’s development and in particular on developing speech and language.
  • Singing songs teaches children about how language is constructed as when singing; words and phrases are slowed down and can be better understood.
  • Music plays a crucial role in the ‘wiring’ of a child’s brain for learning. Listening to music from a very young age can help promote critical listening skills, language & literacy, and creativity and co-ordination.
  • Listening to music helps to teach children about patterns, sequence, rhythm, beat and tone which are essential for problem solving and reasoning.
  • Rhyming activities introduce children to the rhythm of language; specific melodies, stresses and accents that are particular to the language and culture present in their life. Rhymes can help to increase a child’s vocabulary as that child may hear words that they do not hear in everyday life. It has been shown that the wider a child’s vocabulary is as a toddler; the better a reader they will become.
  • Most rhymes are repetitive and will encourage a child to memorise and recognise key words especially when incorporated with physical actions. Exposure to rhymes also helps to teach a child about how a particular word sounds and can help a child learn that by changing a one letter sound in a word they can create a rhyming word with a new meaning.

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