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Holistic Mama Holistic Baba is a fresh new
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My name is Karen Emery and I am a Children’s Sleep Specialist for Holistic Mama Holistic Baba. I advise and support families with a range of sleep issues and see children from birth to 16 years old.

I have over 15 years of experience working with children and families. You can read more about my professional background and qualifications if you go to our home page.

My approach is gentle and family centred and I place the emotional needs of both you and your child at the core of my advice. I work in partnership with you as parents to design a bespoke sleep plan that is not only practical and effective but one that is meaningful to you with short and long term goals. I do not favour ‘cry-it-out’ as a method of teaching your child to sleep, but rather I support parents to discover creative and loving ways to a better sleep for all. 

As an experienced midwife and health visitor my assessment of your child is thorough and in depth. I always consider a range of topics which may impact upon your child’s sleep to provide a more holistic sleep plan. Some of the topics that I always consider include; nutrition, growth and development, emotional and psychological well-being, family dynamics and parenting style.

Every family that I see will receive a comprehensive detailed sleep plan with both long and short term goals. I also offer an additional 2 hours of support and advice (up to 4 weeks)  to be taken when you require it. You may prefer twice weekly phone calls for a month, 4 emails each week or you may prefer an additional home visit for extra support***. The choice is yours. I have included this additional support in the sleep package because I believe that supporting a parent through this process is perhaps more important than the process itself.

***Home Visiting is currently available to families living in West Sussex, Surrey and South West London only.

I am a mother of four and happy to report that all of my children sleep well but it wasn’t always like that. I TRULY UNDERSTAND how it feels when your child does not sleep. I know how easy it is to get into unhelpful sleep habits such as feeding your baby off to sleep (I did that with baby number 1 and 4!) or bringing your toddler into your bed for a few extra precious moments of sleep (I did that with child number 3!). I also know how demoralised and exhausted you can feel when your child does not sleep, when it appears that every other child in the world magically sleeps through the night. I’ve been there, and the good news is it can get better! All of my four children and countless other families that I have advised are testament to that.

£135* (If booked by March 31st 2014 – NORMALLY £200)

Sleep Questionnaire and Family Assessment
I will send every family an in-depth sleep questionnaire to complete prior to our initial meeting. The confidential answers that you provide will help to shape your sleep plan and make it more bespoke to you.

One-2-One Home Visit*
I will visit you at home to discuss your sleep concerns, your sleep questionnaire and I will give you some ideas to try to begin to resolve any sleep issues. The visit usually lasts 2 hours.

Bespoke Sleep Plan
Following our initial meeting, you will receive a bespoke sleep plan (usually within 48 hours). Your sleep plan will be entirely tailored to you and your child. It will be simple and easy to follow with short and long term goals.

On-Going Support
This is an additional 2 hours of advice and support to be agreed at our initial meeting. You can choose from email, telephone, one-2-one home visiting** or a combination of all three.
*Home Visiting is currently available to families living in West Sussex, Surrey and South West London only.  For families living outside this area, I am happy to contact you by telephone, email or Skype.
**A follow up home visit has to be at least 1 hour duration

Additional support is available at £25 per hour

£40 per person
This is a 2 hour workshop for all parents or expectant parents to understand about how they can encourage their own child to sleep well. Each workshop is tailored to the group and the age of your child. We will discuss why good sleep for your child is so important and how much sleep your child should be getting. We will also discuss key sleep strategies and soothing and settling techniques to aid sleep. This is an interactive workshop and there will be lots of opportunity to ask questions. Every parent will be given a sleep pack with information and ideas to encourage a good night sleep.

*Please email for details on course dates and times in your area. hello@holisticmamaholisticbaba.com

** The Sleep workshop can also be facilitated on a one-2-one basis.
Please email hello@holisticmamaholisticbaba.com for more information.

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